Image councellor. Advisor of image.

Course duration: 200 hours

How to have access to it:

  • To have four A-levels.
  • To have passed the second course of A- Levels.
  • To have a 2nd cycle degree (Technician, Specialist Technician, or equivalent).

If you do not have any of these you can take some exam. For this you have to be at least 19 years old at the time of sitting the exams, or 18 for those who are 2nd cycle Technicians.

What am I going to learn?

  • How to manage activities, celebrations and organize human, technical and material resources.
  • To analize the changes in fashion, adapting the market tendencies to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • To manage documents using the general information and communication techniques.
  • To identify the client’s needs analizing his/hers characteristics and requisites.
  • To train the client in communication skills, elaborating a plan to acquire new communicative techniques.
  • To advise in the organizations of events and formalities related to them,elaborating a project and coordinating activities.
  • To advise firms how to create an image and to understand their needs.
  • To elaborate a project to change image without forgetting quality and the related documents.
  • To advise the client in all related to make-up, hairdressing and aesthetics according to theirs demands.
  • To commercialise products and services of personal image using marketing techniques.
  • To advise to change style by means of clothing and accessories,
  • To guide in the buying of clothes, accessories and cosmetics, taking into account the client’s needs to attain his/her expectations.

What can I do when I finish my 2nd year-course in image councellor for organizing events?

  • Protocol Technician in public and private institutions.
  • Expert in formalities and social uses.
  • Adviser for how to dress in an appropriate way.
  • Technical assistant for political, cultural and artistic image.
  • Image councellor in shopping centres.
  • Image councellor in companies.
  • Specialist Technician in public relations offices.
  • Specialist Technician for image councelling in marketing departments.
  • Director in an image councelling firm.
  • Adviser for formalities in the organization of events.
  • Adviser in the buying of clothing, accessories, gifts and cosmetics.
  • Personal councellor in all related to your image.
  • Organizer of weddings.
  • Advisor of image for the press.

I can get an advanced Diploma by doing this:

  1. There are advanced courses.
  2. I can study a similar trade and get some validation of subjects.
  3. To carry on with university studies with possiblity of validation according to the law.


Professional career possibilities.

This Technician carries out his/her activities in firms in the utilities sector. They advise clients on their personal, corporate and public image or it is integrated in multidisciplinar teams in any firm in the communication or marketing department. They can carry out their activity in clothes, accessories or cosmetic shops where they will design a new personal, corporate or public image and in the organization and providing of services.

Training plan.

The learning units for this course:

  • Cosmetic advisory.
  • Design of a comprehensive image.
  • Clothing advisory
  • Hairstyling advisory.
  • Organization of events (formalities).
  • Social uses.
  • Aesthetics advisory.
  • Communication skills.
  • Comprehensive image.
  • Management and commercialization.
  • Project of management assistance .
  • Formation and labour orientation.
  • Formation at workplaces.


Erasmus Policy Statement

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